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TSL Bans Shark Fin Shipments

In order to run our organization in a responsible and sustainable manner, TSL is committed to combat the illegal transport of wild like products like sharks fin. At the same time to further raise awareness so measures can be taken by our industry.


Sharks are the top predators in the oceans. There are over 1,000 species of sharks, rays and related species known to science, but the tremendous demand for shark products such as shark fin has driven many shark species threatened with extinction. It is estimated that 100 million of sharks are killed annually around the world.


T.S Lines recognizes the urgency to conserve the declining shark populations globally. Due to the difficulties to ensure the sustainability and traceability of shark fin, with effect from 1st of August 2017, T.S. Lines will not accept cargo bookings of shark fin from all shark species. This is to echo with WWF’s shark conservation campaign on shipping companies worldwide.