Dangerous Cargo Misdeclaration Notification

Penalty of Hazardous Cargo Misdeclaration

Misdeclaration of hazardous cargo adds unexpectable risks to the safety of our vessels and crew both at sea and on shore and may cause huge economic losses.  To strengthen the governance of hazardous cargo misdeclaration and the safety maintenance during voyage, please be advised that we will not only claim compensation of all losses, damages, fines, costs, fees, expenses and charges out from the misdeclaration of commodity name and DG class, but levy below-mentioned penalty charge of hazardous cargo misdeclaration to the customer who is identified to the violation of any of below:

  • Quality and quantity of booked and declared commodity as 「Hazardous cargo」is inconsistent with commodity identified.
  • Booked and declared commodity as 「Non-Hazardous cargo」while commodity identified is 「Hazardous cargo」.
  • Booked and declared commodity as Hazardous cargo with incorrect IMO Class or UN No. with or without intention or lack of declaration.


The penalty charge of Hazardous Cargo Misdeclaration is detailed in the following:


Name Amount (USD) Collect Basis
Penalty USD 20,000 Per Misdeclared Container
Extra Operation and handling Cost Subject to Actual Per Misdeclared Container


We are sure you appreciate that we place a high value on the safety of our crew and vessels as well as the cargo of all our customers and we are in belief that safety during voyage is the common and highest goal of you and us.  We would like to thank you for doing business with us. With your supports, we will keep provide safe and relieved transportation service as usual.


Yours Faithfully,