The TS PUSAN (1,808 teu) is delivered – Last of series

Hong Kong-based TS Lines (TSL) has taken in charge the 1,808 teu
TS PUSAN, last of six widebeam ‘Bangkokmax’ sisters from CSBC of
Taiwan. The carrier had ordered the first two ships in July 2015 with
two follow-up orders in May 2016 and two more in March 2018.
TS Lines’ gearless ships are based on the ‘CSBC 1800 Mk-II’ design,
a type of which, including the TS PUSAN, 22 units have been delivered
since 2014. The ships are 171.99 m long and they have a
breadth of 27.50 m.
With their compact dimensions, the vessels cannot only call at Bangkok
(see page 17), but they are also well suited to serve smaller
ports with physical constraints, especially in South East Asia.
The TS PUSAN is propelled by a six-cylinder MAN-B&W engine of the
S60ME-C8.5 model providing a power of 12,050 kW. She will be fitted
with a scrubber in the first quarter of this year.
The TS PUSAN follows the TS QINGDAO, delivered in October, and she
has recently phased into the Japan – Taiwan – South China service
‘PAS’, that is jointly offered by TS Lines and Yang Ming. Here, she replaces
the chartered 1,708 teu MILLENIUM BRIGHT, which has since
been re-assigned to trade on the ‘South China – Philippines service 1′
service (CP1).