The TS YOKOHAMA (1,096 teu) is delivered

Hong Kong-based TS Lines has taken in charge the TS YOKOHAMA,
second of four 1,096 teu ships that Kyokuyo Shipyard of Japan
builds for this carrier. TS Lines had ordered the first two ships in December
2017 and the carrier six months later returned to Kyokuyo to
place two more orders.

The new vessels are based on the ‘Kyokuyo 1100′ design, of which
twelve units have been built since 2011. The type has an Loa of
142.00 m, a breadth of 22.50 m (nine rows) and is fitted with 190
reefer plugs.

An MAN-B&W S46ME six-cylinder engine rated at 7,300 kW propels
the ships at a commercial speed of 18 knots. While the first to units
of the type for TS Lines were built without scrubbers, their sisters
ships three and four, scheduled for April and July 2020, will be fitted
with exhaust gas cleaning devices.
The TS YOKOHAMA follows the TS SHANGHAI, delivered in August.
The new vessel had been assigned to TS Lines’ ‘JTK’ service, connecting
Japan, Taiwan, South China and Northern Vietnam.